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My favorite online writing courses

Writing is a noble passion, but only for the fearless ones. It comes with plenty of satisfaction but can also bring critics and post-mortem fame. Nevertheless, if you plan to expand your universe of knowledge and take up some writing courses, there are countless options nowadays.

Most of the world’s greatest universities offer challenging creative writing classes, aiming to discover the next Hemingway and Dickens. These writing classes even come in the shape of creative writing summer camps and online courses so that anyone who is interested can find the time to learn the tricks of good writing. However, most of these classes tend to cost you a fortune, regardless if you choose to attend them physically or rely on your Internet connection.

Luckily for you, I have picked up some of the best online writing courses I could find, and I am also willing to share with you some of my writing tricks and tips that helped me get through writer’s blockage and endless nights of inspiration lack.


Useful writing tips

Regardless of the topic, you need to be informed. So, before writing, try reading more about as many topics and subjects as possible. Read anything from newspapers to glossy magazines, sports gazettes, and even cooking books. Novels are not the only ones to build up your vocabulary, so learn to use as many words and synonyms as possible in order to expand your vocabulary.

Another useful tip is to never stop writing. It may sound silly, but writing non-stop for a preset amount of time can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Don’t think too much about what you’re going to write, just put it down on your blank document, and try to focus on nothing else but your fingers on the keyboard. It may not come up perfect, but it will certainly squeeze the most of you and make for a good exercise regardless of your level of writing.


My favorite online writing courses

There are many online writing courses you can take on your own or by signing up to certain platforms that offer a real writer as your tutor. As I previously mentioned, most of the best online writing courses won’t come for free, but there are still other methods to keep your money in the bank.

Maybe you won’t win the next Pulitzer in the following years, but it will certainly help you build up your vocabulary, and make you become a more disciplined writer. There are several courses such as the “Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge” that will teach you the principles of writing. This course is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts and you can get a month free trial.