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If you need a writer, I’m usually available for freelance writing projects.

I love writing both fiction and nonfiction for children or adults.

With my teaching background, I often write instructional materials. And you’ll note from the books on my homepage that I love to write for children’s educational publishers.

I’ve written a total of 23 published books at last count. Some of these were ghostwritten, which explains why they aren’t listed with my other books. I also have experience writing the following:

Scripts for Readers Theater

Reading Passages

Test Questions

Story adaptations

Encyclopedia Entries

Career Biographies and Profiles

Press Releases (Media Releases)

Artist Statements

Blog Posts

Professional Resumes and CVs

Teacher’s Guides

Articles for magazines, newsletters, websites, etc.


Special Reports

Training Materials

Travel Guides

Food Tips

Book Reviews

And much more!

If you need a writer for any of the types of projects listed above, send me an email at suzanne@workingwriterscoach.com and I’ll arrange a phone call so we can discuss your project.


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