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  1. Hello Suzanne,

    I am very excited to invite you to join a powerful online event designed to inspire and empower as many people as possible to access the precious resource of their creativity and the superpower of their imagination!

    Event Name: Harness Your Creative Power – Learn To Imagine, Design, Shine Your Light & Live Up To Your Wildest Dreams!

    See below all additional details to determine whether this will be something you’d love being part of!

    Event Goals:
    ? To help authors, entrepreneurs and artists realise their FULL CREATIVE POTENTIAL.
    ? To teach practical creative exercises and techniques they can incorporate right away into their daily life.
    ? To help YOU gain exposure to a vast audience of potential clients.

    Discussion Topics include:
    ? Cultivating a Creator’s Mindset
    ? How to uncover and approach creative blocks
    ? Letting Go of Perfectionism
    ? Find the little moments in life that spark INSPIRATION
    ? How to Turn Your Inner Critic from Enemy to Collaborator
    ? Experience the joy and beauty that comes from embracing your gifts and expressing them in the world
    ? Practical exercises for identifying obstacles and the steps to overcome them
    ? Get clarity on your biggest dreams and goals & learn more about what makes you happy
    ? Deepen your courage, find your confidence, and become the creator of your own life
    ? Powerful, life-changing truths that will help you stay focused on what matters most

    Experts already on board:
    Dr. Paula Joyce
    Jill Badonsky
    Hillary Harris
    Terra Maxwell
    Amanda Collins
    And more….

    Who am I
    My name is Gunhild Lorenzen. I am a licensed transpersonal psychotherapist, master of creative transformation, inspirational life coach, artist and a published author.
    I took a long journey to worlds deep inside me, and I also travelled to distant galaxies with Shamans and Spirit Guides. Over the last 20 years I’ve been teaching artists, coaches, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life, how to find the freedom to express creatively and transform their paths. I use art and gestalt therapy in my approach, as well as creative journaling, yoga nidra, qigong and working with the realm of dreams. My mission is to help people express their highest creative potential and LIVE the life of their wildest dreams HERE & NOW!
    ? A short 30-40 minute video interview over Zoom
    ? Joint promote the event with 1 solo email + 1 newsletter during the promotional period + 1 solo email before your airing date. (My team will provide you with promotional materials and copy)
    ? Mention the event with a link on your blog

    Event Details:
    Promotional period:
    from September 1st until September 15th

    Summit airing:
    September 16th – October 1st

    **You will be able to offer a link to a free gift to the audience, as well as to re-use the recording of your interview as you wish.

    Spaces for experts are limited! Please reply at your earliest convenience.


    Ginhild Lorenzen
    Master of creative transformation

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