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Articles about Writing

4 Steps to Easy Content Creation for Your Blog, Website, or Newsletter

Six Steps to Building Your Writing Business

Freelance Writers – How to Make Great Opportunities Come Right to You!

Freelance Writers – What to Include in Your Letter of Introduction (LOI)

Freelance Writers – Do You Know What Services to Offer?

Writing for Children – Step by Step Through Educational Publishing

Building Your Writer Platform

Writers – Live a Fairy Tale Life!

Finding the Right Literary Agent for You

Freelance Writers: To Make More Money Writing, Find Something Unique to Offer!

Freelance Writers: Rekindle Your Passion for Writing

Freelance Writers: Are Bad Habits Making You Less Productive Than You Should Be?

Build a Freelance Writing Business: It’s All About Connections!

Writing the Middle Grade Novel from Start to Finish: Part 1

Writing the Middle Grade Novel rrom Start to Finish: Part 2

Writing the Middle Grade Novel from Start to Finish: Part 3

Freelance Writers – How to Use Online Job Boards to Earn Fast Cash

Freelance Writers, Authors, Coaches: Develop Relationships with Potential Buyers

Novel Writing – Grabbing the Readers’ Attention with the First Sentence

The Fastest Way to Build a Freelance Writing Business and Start Making at Least $100 a Day!

Build Your Freelance Writing Business by Getting Your Marketing Message in Front of More People

Hire a Writing Coach BEFORE you Start Writing your Book if You Want to Sell Your Book

Make Money as a Writer: 12 Ways to Build Your Freelance Writing Business

Making the Most of an Online Writing Buddy

Writers – Think Small to Get Published in Big Markets

Writing for Children – Does Your Children’s Fiction Need Fixing?

3 Reasons Why Most People Who Say They Want to Write a Book Will Never Write One

Use a Vision Board as a Writer’s Tool

Promoting Your Book – It’s All Up to You!

Social Networking – Why It’s So Important For Writers

Freelancers – A Few Things that Might be Keeping You from Landing Assignments & Contracts

Write Your Book Now – 3 Places to Find the Content for Your Book

Write Better, More Powerful, More Engaging Nonfiction

Writing Children’s Nonfiction for Magazines – A Few Reasons So Many Writers Miss the Mark

The Top Ten Excuses for NOT Writing Your Book and How to Overcome Them

Why Your Book Shouldn’t Include Everything You Know About Your Topic

Who are You As a Writer?

Freelance Writers – Focus on the Writing if You Want to Get Published

Top Ten Writing Mistakes Made by New Children’s Writers

Character Interviews: how to Make the People in your Stories for Children Come to Life

A Children’s Writer’s Guide to Critiquing Manuscripts

Six Simple Ways to Make the Most of Any Writing Workshop or Writing Class

A Dozen Ways to Get Your Career Started as a Freelance Children’s Writer

A Hard Look at Easy Readers

The Secret of My Success – An Interview with Children’s Writer L.D. Harkrader

A Review of Flying Fingers – Writing Tips and Advice from a Child Writer

Writing Samples – What Do Editors Really Want to See?

Field Trips – They’re Not Just for Kids If You’re a Children’s Writer

Make More Money from Your Freelance Writing Experience

The Rule of Twelve – Unlock the Door to Your Freelance Writing Career

Fiction Tip – Do You Really Have a Story?

Freelance Writers – You Need a Weekly Marketing Plan

The Secret of My Success – An Interview with Author & Speaker Cynthia Leitich Smith

Freelance Writers – How to Stay Focused on Developing Your Writing Career

Freelance Writers, Don’t Shirk Self-Promotion

3 Tips for Writing More Marketable Articles

Procrastination – It’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Choosing a Best-Selling Title for Your Book – Why Book Titles Are So Important

A Few Reasons Why So Many People Write So Many Books That Simply Do NOT Sell

Writing for Children – A Dozen Ways to Make Your Manuscript More Marketable

Writing for Children – Tips for Grandparents Who Want to Write Children’s Books

Write Better Fiction – Do Whatever It Takes to Make Your Story Work

The Key to Writing a Book That Sells

Freelance Writers – How to Create a Manageable and Enjoyable Freelance Writing Career

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs and Other Ways to Make Money Writing

How to Write Tight – Self-Editing Tips to Make Your Manuscript Ready for Publication

Freelance Writers – Get Paid to Learn How to Write

Write for Magazines to Build a Lucrative Freelance Writing Career

Freelance Writers – 10 Ways to Find More Time to Write

Freelance Writers – A Dozen Ways to Stay Focused on Your Writing

Writing a Novel – 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid


Food Related Articles

The Short Scoop on Scones

Try Kiwi Fruit for Good Taste and Good Health

Pumpkin Dessert Squares: The Perfect Pumpkin Dessert

Go Nuts Over Almonds!

Presto, It’s Pesto! Enjoy Fresh Spinach Pesto Sauce with Pasta Any Time of Year

A Few Tips and Tricks for Using Vanilla Beans

Create Some Pretty Pats of Butter

Tangy Lemon Curd

A Simple Meat Rub You Can Make Yourself

Simply Wonderful Scented Sugars

Chocolate-Cinnamon Toast: The Ultimate Comfort Food

English Cucumber Sandwiches

Make It with Mint

Easy Herb Butters

Easy Insalata Caprese

Try Truffles!

Flavored Butters

Quick and Easy Fudge Pie

7-Up Cake with Orange Sauce

Eat More Vegetables – A Dozen Easy & Delicious Ways to Improve Your Daily Diet

Black-Eyed Peas: A New Year’s Day Tradition

Update Your Spice Rack: Out with the Old, In with the New!

Make Your Own Irish Cream Liqueur

Try Spinach Cheese Pie for a Simple Sunday Supper

Angel Peppermint Bark

Snack Facts: The Incredible History Behind Some of Your Favorite Foods

A Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift – Hot Cocoa Mix with Marshmallow Hearts

Spinach Souffle Delight – An Impressive, Yet Easy, Way to Serve Spinach

Toffee Crunch Bars – A Simple, Satisfying Dessert


Business Related Articles

Your Local Business Association – Is It Right for You?

The Artist’s Statement – A Marketing Tool Every Artist Needs

Need More Business – Create a Co-Op

A Monthly Marketing Plan – Tips for Hiring Someone to Develop One for Your Small Business

How to Remain Focused on What’s MOST Important to Your Business

Why You May Need a Squeeze Page to Make the Most of your Article Marketing Campaigns

Building Your Business – Don’t Give In to Distractions

Build the Business of Your Dreams – 3 Tips to the Perfect Business

Get More Clients and Customers When You Put Together Your Marketing Puzzle

Blogging for Business – 6 Tips to Help You Start (and Keep) Blogging on a Regular Basis

3 Ways a Book Can Boost Your Business

How Often Should You Email Members of Your Mailing List

Freelance Writers, Coaches, and Other Solopreneurs – You Need a Squeeze Page to Do Business Online


Success Tips Articles

Are You Balancing your Life or Simply Juggling All Your Responsibilities?

Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins – How to Use Your Own Stories to Communicate with Power and Impact

Don’t Talk to Yourself Like That – Eliminate Negative Self Talk

Take Charge of Your Life – Decide What to Think, Feel, and Do

Create Confidence to Create Success

Success Tip – Focus on One Thing at a Time

Be More Successful – Get Off the Fence!


Articles for Parents

Hard Decisions about Software – How to Choose the Best Games & Educational Software for your Kids


Articles for Kids

Travel Back in Time: Create Simple Bath Products the Way Your Grandmother Probably Did

Mad as Heck – Learn How to Control Your Anger Before It Controls You


Crafts Articles

Quick and Easy Holiday Party Favors or Gifts

Try This Early Literacy Activity – Valentine’s Day Mailboxes