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4 gifts any bookworm will fall in love with


People who enjoy spending their free time reading books, also known as bookworms, are considered somewhat of a dying species. They are considered this way because reading has become quite a luxury due to our daily routines and stress. We live hectic lives that barely allow us to catch up some reading.

However, some people know that a lovely book and a cup of tea are the perfect way to start or finish their days. For them, there’s nothing more relaxing and soothing than a story told in words.

If you have friends or co-workers that fall into this category, you should make them a surprise gift and get them something nice to help them with their hobby. Indeed, you could easily get some cool bookbags for readers that are practical and good-looking. But, if you want something a tad fancier, here you’ve got some interesting suggestions:


  1. A book that magically converts into a lamp

This original piece comes with a lovely design that will be appreciated by any book lover out there. When closed, this unit looks identical to an ordinary journal. It’s basically a wooden book that turns into a lamp whenever you need some light to read your favorite books.  

However, when you open the pages, a warm LED light will burst out from the interior in a semicircle shape. Due to the magnets located both in the book cover and in the front of the lamp, you can position this wooden lamp book in any way you desire, including upside down. The best part is that your friend will always have a light on because the product is completely wireless and can be recharged using a USB cable.


  1. Kindle

Because of the modern discoveries, it’s easier now to purchase a ton of great book titles from online resources. There’s no need to go to the bookstore or library to get something new in your collection.

E-readers would love a new Kindle device that enables them to read as many books as possible without having to invest in bookshelves for their furniture. This electronic piece of tool lets the user download the book the moment he or she decides is worthy of checking out.


  1. A book-shaped tissue box

The majority of books don’t get to provide a happy end for the read. So, having a box of tissues on the nightstand to clean our face is without any doubt a useful gift. You could get this gorgeous book-shaped box that resembles so much to a stack of antique books. It’s the perfect decoration for any room or office and is made from a durable wood that ensures it will last many book readings to come.


  1. A book weight

Although it might seem like the ideal present for a fitness enthusiast, in fact, it disables the need to hold the book with your hands. Quite useful, this weight comes in handy if you want to enjoy a sandwich or a hot chocolate while reading.